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While moving from one place to another, expert help is required even for self service moving. You want to ensure that your precious belongings are moved safely. Moving and storage are key functions, and you want to ensure hassle free moving with help of credible and professional movers. There are several moving companies, but you need to choose the best one!

Moving your home can become stressful if things are not planned well in advance. There are always some tasks that must be carried out at least a week in advance of the moving out date. Every individual has different priorities, and the moving is no exception to this rule. This makes it hard to make a generic Top 10 list, but a checklist of ten major things is just as handy.

  • It is always a good idea to have some important phone numbers handy.
  • At least a week prior to moving, notify all major institutions you have to deal with about your address change.
  • Make sure all utility bills such as phones, electricity, water, and etc are paid off before you move.
  • Put valuables and important documentation in safe location to guarantee their safety.
  • On the day of the move, it is a good idea to organize child care for the children.
  • Inform the children’s’ old school about the move in advance.
  • Be certain that you have bought enough insurance to cover your important items during the moving process.
  • Any essential medication or prescriptions needed should be obtained well before moving date.
  • On moving day, try to cook things that are simple and do not require many utensils or cooking supplies.
  • Always have a list of the boxes and bags packed. Make sure the boxes are clearly labeled.

We understand that moving and storage can be extremely stressful and tiresome, especially if it is not handled properly. However, you can get set for a smooth move with proper planning and by following few simple guidelines from residential moving companies. In fact, it is imperative that you plan your move well in advance with help from reliable moving companies to ensure hassle-free moving. That is exactly why Merak Moving is here! We offer relevant moving guides and right resources to simplify the seemingly complex process of moving and storage as part of our moving services. We have a network of best moving companies, offering the most reliable and affordable moving services!


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