How to Pick a Mover

  • Does the mover follow the 400N Tariff (See our Laws that Protect the Consumer section)?
  • A good idea is to use movers that follow the 400N Tariff. This is your best choice to save money and avoid being scammed during your move
  • Is your mover reputable?
  • Check sites to make sure that your mover doesn’t have complaints against them and see if they are generally a good option.
  • Does the mover offer a not-to-exceed estimate (See out Moving Hints section for information on estimates)?
  • Your best choice is to go with a mover that will give you this estimate. It offers you the cheapest possible price and usually the more reliable movers offer it. A binding estimate usually works as well, movers often estimate well when they give you a binding estimate
  • How does the mover settle disputes?
  • You should know the movers dispute settlement policies because if your belongings are lost or stolen, you should get back at least what you paid for them.
  • Does the mover give in home estimates?
  • In home estimates are very accurate, especially when compared to online or over the phone estimates
  • Does the mover have any refund policies?
  • Most movers have a fully refundable moving policy if you cancel within about a week. Ask them about this if you are planning a move in advance.
  • Does the mover offer any storage options?
  • Some movers offer free storage for a month. Make sure you know how much any temporary storage options will cost and know about any additional fees involved.
  • What ways of payment does the mover accept?
  • You should know if you can pay with your proffered method. Most users accept credit cards but some do not.
  • Is your mover offering a fair price?
  • Try to get estimates from more than one mover. Try to get a good price but also make sure that they offer the insurance and extra services you desire.
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