Moving With Children

It is always better to be frank with your kids about the process of moving whether they are kindergarten students or teenagers. You must tell them of the changes that they are to experience. Tell them everything completely, honestly and in a manner that they can easily understand.

You also will have to explain to them the reason for the moving, where you are going and how much time you have to prepare for the move. Children have a tendency to imagine their own version of the situation if you withhold the information from them. Their lives are going to be disrupted anyway and as such the information will enable to them to come to terms with them better. If you are unable to answer all their questions, assure them that you’ll investigate their questions and do the necessary follow up. They should know that you are there to assist them to face the fresh challenges.

The moving will make the children to worry. So tell them to talk about things that worry them. Don’t dismiss their questions as silly or unimportant and never laugh at them. Your priorities and the children’s are not the same so they should get honest answers to their questions. Children may have trouble adjusting to the move and even accuse of you of causing it; don’t take these personally. They should be made to understand that parents have to take big decisions for the good of the entire family.

Emphasize the positive sides of moving like the excitement of a new home, community, school etc., Children cannot forsake their attachment to the old place however fine the new home is. They may be sad at leaving their friends and favorite haunts especially if they are teenagers. Allow them to express their grief. You can tell them that they can always keep in touch with their old friends. You can help them compile a memory album of photographs and videos with old pals. You can also take them around to their favorite haunts for one last time.

Infants and toddlers pose comparatively less problems because they are more attached to their parents. But most children don’t like an unpredictable future. So help them to come to terms with the new place. Until the child is comfortably settled in their new home, don’t make any changes in any aspect of their daily routine. During or after the move, there may be some regressive behavior but they are sure to disappear as the child adjusts to the new situation.

Make the kids pack a few of their favorite things themselves. Take such boxes with the family and not in the moving van so that they are with you when you arrive at your new home.

Things are different with school kids. They are used to their friends and life styles. Since moving is a major change for them, it may threaten their emotions and even cause behavioral problems. To make them accept the change more easily it is better to talk to them frankly about the uncomfortable feelings they harbor in their minds. But children, who are older, are able to assume a more responsible role in moving so that they are in better control and even offer the family some support.

It is nice to make the children take part in decision making.  Ask them for ideas and suggestions. Being involved in something is itself a great thing and so the changes taking place all around them, won’t overwhelm them. 
Don’t make the mistake of packing them to their grandmother or some relative while you are engaged in moving. This will in no way make the moving process easier for you or for them.

Once in the new place take them around and show them the interesting places. They should be made to take part in the decorating and arranging of their new rooms. Surround them with familiar things that you brought with you while moving. This will help to reassure them and be in tune with their new environment.

If possible, time your move to coincide with a new school year or term. To be with it from the beginning will make things much easier for them.


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