Moving Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Estimate should I get?

You should ask for a binding not-to-exceed estimate. There is more information on this in our Moving Tips section under estimates.

Should I only accept binding not-to-exceed estimates?

No, most of the time if you get a few estimates from movers, you will know an estimated price of the move. A binding estimate should be perfectly fine.

Is weather a factor during the move?

Weather can slow down a move. But, most trustworthy movers will still move during harsh weather conditions. But, if the conditions get too severe, you will have to reschedule.

Should I leave clothing in my dressers and other furniture?

No, this will unnecessarily increase the mass of your furniture. It could also damage your furniture.

Do movers provide free cartons and boxes to help me move?

Most movers will carry a large variety of boxes for you. But, these boxes are usually not free.

Should I move at this time of year?

During the peak season (summer, see our Moving Tips section for more information), your move will cost more. But, if you have children, they will have finished their school year so moving will be less of a hassle. If you have children, the best time to move is the Peak season. But, if you don’t then you have a choice and can usually move at any time of the year.

Is there any place I can find more information about the city I’m moving to?

Yes, is a great reference for information on different cities in the US

What items should I not move?

Anything that is flammable should not and can not be moved by the mover. Also, try to avoid anything that may leak or spill

Can any extra charges occur when I move abnormally heavy or large goods?

Yes, items like a pool table or a grand piano can incur an extra charge.

Is there anything else I should avoid letting the mover move?

Yes, it may not be a good idea to let the mover move any collectables or precious irreplaceable items.

Should I only look for 400 tariff movers? (See Laws that Protect the Consumer for details)

People often are more satisfied with moves done by movers that follow the 400 tariff.

When should I tell my kids that we are planning to move?

As soon as you are certain that you will move.

How should I transport my pets?

There are many pet carriers on the web. Most of them transport your pet via airplanes. If you are moving a short distance, you might as well take the pet along with you. But, you should know that most movers will decline to move pets.

What should I do to prevent any of my goods from being stolen or lost?

You should be well aware of the mover’s settlement dispute policies. If anything were to happen, you would be certain that all of your belongings would be paid for if they are lost or stolen.

My move is too expensive. What can I do?

The best thing you can do is throw away some items that you will not need at your new home. Anything that you plan on throwing away later doesn’t need to be moved. For more tips, see our Tips on Saving Money Section

I want to pack by myself, how should I pack ____ item?

Look at our Packing Guide for solutions to this problem. Keep in mind that some items need to be moved by the mover and not by you.

What are some advantages to moving during the peak season?

No school

There is likely to be more new families in the area.

Your actual moving process may go faster because movers need to attend to more customers.

What are some disadvantages to moving during the peak season?

Your move will cost more. Movers will be busier so they may not pay as close attention to your belongings.

What are some advantages to moving during a time that is not in the peak season?

Your move will cost less money.There is a greater chance of you choosing the exact date you want to move. It will allow you more flexibility.The movers will need to do your service more because they will have fewer clients.

What are some disadvantages to moving during a time that is not in the peak season?

There will be less new families in the area you move into. Schools will be running.

What is low balling?

Low balling is basically when a mover gives you a low non binding estimate. They dot his to entice you into moving with them. At the end, they may weigh your belongings and increase the price.

How can I prevent low balling?

Binding estimates will prevent the mover from low balling since they have to move you at that price. Also, if you get estimates from 2 or 3 movers you will be able to estimate a price on your own so you will not have to worry about low balling.

How did you come up with the name “Merak Moving”?

The name, “Merak” comes from a star. It has been used with quite a few companies and even was a car model known as the “Maserati Merak.”


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