General Packing Tips

  • Begin collecting boxes as soon as you decide your going to move: If you have already saved boxes, you won’t have to find boxes in a hurry to save money on packing.
  • Make sure you begin the packing process ASAP. Start packing up areas of your home that you don’t frequently use. Also, start packing up things that you don’t frequently use such as fine china.
  • Mark what you Pack: As you pack a box, write what it contains like, “KITCHEN SUPPLIES” and also, write if the box contains fragile supplies. Finally, make an arrow so you know where the top of the box is. Note: You might want to write this information a few times on one box.
  • Use Garment Boxes (Wardrobe Cartons) for hanging clothing. Garment boxes will protect suits and other hanging clothing. They are the best option for avoiding any damage to these types of clothes. You can purchase these from the movers or online if you want to pack on your own.
  • Empty your cabinets and dressers. Cabinets and dressers often become too heavy to move if their content is still inside them. Movers will often not move these unless you remove the contents.
  • Fill your boxes to their maximum capacity. There is no use leaving any space in your boxes. Fill them up to their maximum capacity in order to save space and save money.
  • Packing your Tools. Make sure all tools are drained of all oil and gas before they are moved. It’s okay to keep them in their toolboxes while they are being moved.
  • MAKE SURE THAT NOTHING YOU PACK IS FLAMMABLE OR EXPLOSIVE. Anything flammable is potentially dangerous to your move. Your risk your belongings and the mover’s well being by moving anything hazardous.
  • AVOID ANYTHING THAT COULD POSSIBLY LEAK OR SPILL. If something spills and causes damage, not only are your goods ruined but your warranty is null and void. Basically, you would be paying for the warranty but, it would not be applicable to you. Make sure you don’t pack anything liquid so you can avoid this nightmare.


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