Choosing The Best Time to Move

It is better to keep in mind certain things before moving and one of them is when to move. A professional mover could tell you a thing or two about it and if he can’t do it, it is better to look for another one.

As far as possible, don’t try to move in the summer for it is the busiest period for professional movers. This entails your planning ahead for months in advance and may have movers on edge most of the time, trying to cope with their busy schedules.
Coming down to the month, the beginning and end of the month is the busy period for any mover. But if you choose to move in the middle of the month then things will be far easier. If this is the case and you are moving from an apartment, ask the landlord to time the lease from fifteenth of the month instead of the first so that you can find a good mover without much difficulty.

When you come down to the day you make your move, think of the traffic conditions on the day and your neighbors too. If you live in a big city and decide to move during the slack hours of the day, you are not impeded by any traffic jams. On the contrary,  if you are moving in the night, the volume of traffic poses no problems. But if you are moving into an apartment, it will create a lot of noise making the neighbors angry. So it is a good idea to ask the movers to pack and load everything in the afternoon and make the trip during the night, reaching your destination when all are up and moving about.

If you have children, it is better to move with an eye on the school calendar. Summer is the best time as the kids have completed their grades and bid goodbye to their classmates. Still it is not a good idea to move as soon as the school closes, but wait for a few weeks so that the children can get used to the idea of moving and say goodbye to their friends in the neighborhood. Thus they are also better prepared to for the school year in the new place and have time to get used to their new home. Emotional well-being can be harmful with too much change. So it is better to do what is best for your children which in turn will be best for you too.

Always avoid moving before major holidays because you as well as your children would want to spend them with their friends and neighbors. If possible do it immediately after such holidays so that all can spend a lot of time together with the folk they love to be with.

Avoid moving in winter also, as travel is difficult. Certain items might even freeze during transit causing damage to many of them. You may also face higher costs during such periods.

All this goes to show that if you have a flexible schedule with no specific timeline, you have room to maneuver when deciding just when to move. If you are in a position to choose the best time to move so much the better. If not weigh the pros and cons thoroughly and come to the most suitable decision.


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